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Welcome to our site.  Taraka means "star" in Sanskrit.

Taraka Asia assists companies, institutions, associations and trade organizations to formulate their business development and sustainability strategies. As "meeting the bottom-line" is no longer sufficient in conducting business, organizations nowadays are expected to engage and bring value not only to their shareholders, but also to their stakeholders. 

Further, the drive for sustainable development and inclusive growth has continued to challenge existing management practices and reshape the global economic landscape.  At present our market focus is in Indonesia but our extensive network allows services into other markets in Asia.

Our key services include development of the following strategies: market entry, stakeholder mapping and engagement, sustainable supply chain analysis, inclusive business development and corporate sustainability strategy formulation.

We strongly believe there are various ways to achieve growth that can benefit more layers in  the society, while minimizing unwanted impacts in the environment.  One way to pursue this is by embedding holistic thinking and sustainability paradigm in corporate strategies.

NO, this is not a utopian dream.  And YES, systems thinking, compassion, creativity and collaboration will take us there.

Link to daily news: The Sustainability Daily




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